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The ONLY workout that teaches Vulva owners how to ride and take control of their pleasure.


Yasssssss doing your workouts and learning to meditate/breathe helped me to get to my goal weight of 196. I was 240. And that was with me falling off track due to a close tragedy. I will continue to do your workouts and follow you until it is time for me to move on. - Jae

I started this workout plan after being in a less-than satisfying relationship for 4 years. I meet my guy who is younger and felt like I needed a boost in my sexuality and reclaiming my femininity to work on some insecurities. Also I couldn’t ride as long as I wanted. I’ve always been a fan of your work so I said let’s try this out! I tried it out and omg it really has transformed my life... like the workout plan is so much more than just learning how to ride.. we have a whole community of women that really are just focusing on healing ourselves inside and out. It’s a no judgment zone and like I’m radiating! I can’t keep the men off me! Lmaoo ! But I went to the doctor and I was afraid to jump on the scale but a bish is down 21 pounds and two sizes can’t tell me nothing!!And the added bonus is I leave my younger lover FINISHED! I love this ish ... thanks Tyomi for all you do I appreciate you! 💜💜💜- Zo

When I was 6, my ambition in life was to be a flag woman. I grew up wining. I grew up connecting to my body, my hips, in a joyfully sensual and eventually sexual way.
When I came to this country for college, I clung onto that joy through wining in my room, through learning bellydance, hula, samba, through shared music and video memories like these.
Slowly, though, living here, I let too many outside voices still my hips, stifle my sway, until even the inside voices did it too. Your workshop has been a vital part of me reclaiming this joy. I'm not yet at the stage where I can wine like the glorious dancer in the 10th slide, but, damn right I'm going to get there.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for helping me come back home to my body. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 -

I don’t know where to start.

I joined your Cowgirl Workout class, like back in April and never started. I joined because I’m a Lesbian and fell in love with a man. I’ve slept with men before but didn’t give a shit if I was good. This time I cared and I wanted to be connected. We decided to go our separate ways and so I never started your class. Tonight for some reason, I was like- “I’m freaking getting into this”. I’m totally fan girling over you. Your body is amazing, I couldn’t help but smile when you smiled and your voice is so comfortable(promise I’m not creepy,lol).  I was laughing when your butt moved so perfectly and mine just stared and looked at me like “yeah, try again”. I was having so much fun and my body was starting to loosen up after my first class. Now I’m doing it for me. Thank you and I can’t wait for my next class. 💜- Jade

The cowgirl workout was a game changer for me. I enjoy exercise, dancing and improving myself. Tyomi is an excellent instructor, who guides you through each exercise, with an emphasis on form! Form is everything. After 10 days of training, my cardio has improved, my body is toner and I've increased my riding time in the bedroom. I highly recommend that every woman to sign up and start taking the classes.  Thanks again. Keep up the great work. -Diedre W.


  I really just wanted to let you know what the Cowgirl Workout has done for me in the past 6 months. I originally joined to give my then man and myself some extra pleasure but what I ended  up getting is way more than that. I got a community of sisters  in the time of quarantine when I live and work by myself and just sometimes need an outlet.  I also got back to loving myself! Originally when I joined I just wanted to “Assassinate him!”- Tyomi Morgan (lol). Which I did (lol)  but I was doing it for him not for myself. In doing the cowgirl workouts I was able to lose 20 lbs and counting when I started being  consistent and not only that I was able to go take care of MYSELF first. The workouts are so fun that it doesn’t feel like a chore but I still drip sweat. Tyomi does it with us and with the biggest smile on her face that you have no choice but to get through it. Most importantly is that I’ve started feeling better about myself. My self esteem climbed, I had things to work towards like my hips opening up, my flexibility becoming stronger (if that’s the word lol), I’m able to bring my chest closer and closer to the ground the more I practice. I now have Goals to work towards that I couldn’t quite figure out in quarantine.  

When I look at myself in the mirror now I see a Goddess working to love herself. On tough days Tyomi seems to always come with some encouraging words. I’ve gotten more lingerie just to do replays And live classes in. Lingerie  that I felt I couldn’t  wear because of my size but I feel and look good to ME—  I’ve gained confidence. I look forward to Wednesday- Saturday for our workouts. Some days I even wish Tyomi was my friend in real life.I feel my booty lifting, my waist getting smaller, and my confidence getting bigger thanks to Tyomi. I’m also squirting harder, getting more  orgasms, and making sure I get mine lol. I even have a switch in my hips when I walk. I’m putting myself first, I’m loving myself more, and tryna get to Tyomi’s level. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m looking forward to the website. You’ve changed me in ways I’ve never expected and I thank you for that!  I even walk with my head held high! This is your gift and I’m glad you’ve tapped into it!

-Kennadee W. 

Hey my love,
Okay...I think you've changed my boyfriend's life lol. He's starting to notice now. I've been doing the classes but not consistently and as you always say, if you don't practice it's not going to work. So I decided to start back with consistency (watching replays and yoni yoga) about 2 weeks ago and GIRL, the last few times we had sex he couldn't hold up; usually he's a marathon man but he asked me last night did I put something in there, he doesn't understand. Ahahhahaha I died laughing. I told him nah, just changed my diet babe and been exercising. But your class and advice is much more - its not just about riding dick, it's about caring for ourselves, letting things go and I absolutely love the Way of Mastery book! Feel like I found this class for a reason. Happy to keep my little secret on slaying him every time. Ladies keep consistent. It works.
Thank you!!!!! - Marie C.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Tyomi and I am a certified Sexologist, Pleasure Coach, Movement specialist and ASSASSIN Trainer.

 I began my journey with movement in high school when I joined a dance club called Orchesis, and it changed my life forever. I was an introvert with a body that appeared to be much more mature than my age, and I often felt shame around it.  Dance taught me to be proud of my body and to use it to express myself through art. I gained confidence, learned how to move through life without shame, and connected with my sensuality forever. 

 I am passionate about movement, and I understand what it's like to feel disconnected from your body. No matter what caused the disconnect, I can assist you with bridging the gap and removing your blocks to bliss. Taking control of your pleasure is rooted in your ability to feel into your body and to trust it in motion. When it comes to teaching you the techniques of how to move during your erotic moments, I'm the right coach for you. I will always hold empathetic space for you, and I will challenge you to go beyond your perceived limits. 

Why You Should Join

  • You will have fun while you work out. 
  • You will learn how to improve your riding skills.
  • Your s e x life will receive amazing benefits.
  • You will increase your stamina while losing weight.
  • You will feel more confident to take control of your pleasure.
  •  You will be a part of a tribe of women who are focused on the same goal of self improvement. 
  • You will have all of your cowgirl fitness tools all in one place.
  • You will have the chance to workout with Tyomi Live.
  • You will receive discounts to Tyomi's other events and classes. 
  • You will become more connected to your body.
  • Your orgasmic ability will increase. 
  • Your yoni will become more responsive and sensitive.
  • You will be able to last longer in intimacy and hold positions for longer periods of time. 
  • You will gain confidence, deeper flexibility and more awareness of self. 
  • You will have access to nutritional programs and self development groups to deepen your wellness goals. 
  • Workouts are Live Tuesday-Saturday at 8:30am cst and recorded for you to access whenever you want inside of the tribe.
  • Can cancel at any time. Memberships are non refundable once paid for. If you have issues with canceling your membership, please email [email protected]
  • Payments will show up from GLAMAZON BRANDS LLC on your billing statement. 

Pillars Of The Cowgirl Workout ™


-A proper ride begins with a body that can support your weight when in position. The Cowgirl Workout ™ utilizes your own body weight in low intensity strength training exercises to help you build your muscles and improve your posture in positioning.  Emphasis is placed on building strength in the core and lower body. 


-Maintaining a ride for more than 30 seconds without tiring is made possible by increasing stamina. Through repetitious movement coupled with concentrated breathing, this workout builds stamina and muscle memory that will help your body remember how to move when in position on top. 


-Flexible muscles that are able to stretch and bend with ease are essential to a smooth ride and pleasurable sex. Most people are suffering from a lack of movement and daily stretching, and experience stiffness and rigidity because of it. This pillar is the corner stone that reduces pain and burning when on top or in any position, providing more flexibility in switching positions and staying in them for an extended length of time. 

As Seen On..

See You In The Tribe

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Tuesday - Booty Bootcamp (tone and strengthen your gluteal muscles for more control.)
  • Wednesday - Strength Training (use your own body weight to build stamina and strength)
  • Thursday - Chair/ Ball Work (use a chair or fitness ball to build stamina and strength) 
  • Friday - Flexibility Friday (90 minute stretch session)
  • Saturday - Yoni Yoga (connect with your pelvic floor and sacred space)
  • **Schedule changes based on Tyomi's Availability. All workouts are scheduled to broadcast live between for 8:30am- 9am central standard time.
  • Replays are uploaded to the tribe for members to use whenever they please. 
  • Special classes are hosted in the evenings at 7pm for floor work, seductive dance and breath work.
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